Review: Lord Einsamkeit “Eternal Suffering”

Review: Lord Einsamkeit “Eternal Suffering”

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I am introducing you a new project and a prominent one at the same time raising from Midland City, Alabama, USA. A unique one-man-band getting back the beautiful nostalgic and majestic landscapes of dark epic medieval times. I am pretty sure this must be a new prominent band of Dark Dungeon Synth / Black Metal project and discovery of 2019. You will be amazed by his work. Uncomparable quality and inspiration at its best. I can assure you that this project is of high quality and ‘’exemplar’’ talent of a new artist to keep an eye on. I like to use the phrase ‘’it is a discovery’’ hidden in the middle of everyday artist emerging from many sides of the world. I have listened and relistened his material and I can say I was amazed by his ‘’majestuoso’’ chef-d’oeuvre. The new Summoning perhaps? Yes, why not?

Escaping through melancholy, beauty, darkness and dead memories of a forgotten vampire Lord Einsamkeit grimly ‘’enjoys’’ his own solitude in occult black arts and hiding his black spirit and a far away draculanian castle, spreading ‘’spleen’’ and ‘’vampirism’’ matrix over the snowy mounts of a dead legend.

Sophisticated and poetic spirit of Lord Einsamkeit is a back step in another universe. Majestic material for majestic spirits. Deep emotions and nostalgic memories revealed audibly in a nostalgic atmosphere. I am repeating this again: Lord Einsamkeit is the new revelation of the Dark Dungeon Synth Black Metal scene and for this he deserves my respect and my total support.

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