Review: Lotan “Nihil sacrum” [Uprising!]

Review: Lotan “Nihil sacrum” [Uprising!]

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Yesterday evening at midnight, everything was ready for the big weekly incantation, for a very Black Metal evening. I had received an EP “Nihil Sacrum” from the Danish band LOTAN and I could already see myself drawing pentagrams on the ground while I light candles, until the first song started!

In Scandinavian mythology Lotan is the seven headed dragon, the origin of chaos and instigator of the war against the cosmic order. It is also the latest addition to the Danish black metal scene. Coming from a combination and a project that was close to the heart of two musicians: Martin Rubini (singer) and Phillip Kaaber (guitarist) from the danish band Vanir. All reinforced by another Vanir‘s member and two from Ethereal Kingdoms. The guys know what they are doing and where they are going. No concessions through five songs: Alea Jacta Est!

Far from the classical standards of the genre, and I apologize by advance for purists at the excesses of this musical style sometimes too, Lotan is indeed part of this second wave of Black Metal. Their influences are found more in Marduk, Rotting Christ and equivalents.

This EP is only the beginning of the concept. Far from being just a bet to occupy free time left by the closure of all events due to the pandemic situation, the project is launched and will not stop anytime soon since a second EP is already planned.

The texts are explicit and the song titles are in Latin! Frontman Martin Rubini defines this affirmed choice in these terms: “Latin is the symbol of a language used by a pious elite to separate themselves from the common man. It holds a strong historic anchor to what we try to speak against in our lyrics. What better way to cement blasphemy than to use the language in which so many has preached?

The tracks are chiseled in an aggressive and intense metal, mixing thrash tendencies, sometimes doom. The professionalism of the musicians and the mastery of the different instruments, gives a huge sensation of power. No weakness at all for orchestration, arrangements, melodic lines too. These catchy songs are enhanced by the singer who can boast of having a truly powerful vocal ability.

However, do not see it as a possible classification in a well-defined style, their music is what they feel. It will sometimes seem to you to recognize snippets of songs or riffs, therefore do not be fooled, Lotan has his own soundscape.

So let yourself be overwhelmed by this diffuse and subtle feeling of Lotan‘s attraction, the key songs are: Tenebrae Subit and Acta Non Verba.

Release date: January 15, 2021

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