Review: Lucifer “Lucifer III” [Century Media Records]

Review: Lucifer “Lucifer III” [Century Media Records]

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Long live the retrorock. Do you like Ghost? Do you like The Hellacopters? Then you will surely like “Lucifer III” from Lucifer as well. I am consciously referring to the third album of the band around Johanna Andersson, formerly Sadonis, because “Lucifer I” is a very dark and doomy record and “Lucifer II” is a very soft rock album. “Lucifer III” is far more gloomy and occult. Fans who turned away after “Lucifer II” could now find their way back. So far their best record.

The first song “Ghost” is without a doubt strongly reminds of Black Sabbath, but with Olivia Newton-John instead of Ozzy on the vocals.

The best prize for the best track of the record is undoubtedly won by “Leather Demon” with its smoky bar atmosphere that exudes a decent 70s vibe.

With their latest spell cast Lucifer are on the right track. When dark retro rock is their chosen path, they choose the right one.

Release date: March 20th, 2020

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