Review: Mad Max “35”

Review: Mad Max “35”

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The fashion for 80s is back: it’s in clothes, in movies and of course in the music. This gain an interest for the bands, which developed Hard’N’Heavy and made it mainstream. German Mad Max is one of those bands.

Mad Max was formed in 1981 in Münster. The band released four albums that got positive feedbacks (especially Night Of Passion in 1987) and split up for ten years. In 1999 Mad Max released their comeback Never Say Never and became silent again till 2006. But after that the bend started to work with tripled forces often release and album in a year. So now, on 2018, the time has come for the 13-th album with a laconic name 35.

We are fucking 35 and on we ride” – sings Michael Voss, the vocalist. And it seems that this sentence should be a quintessence of an album. Synopsis, if you want. But something went wrong: 11 songs (or rather ten songs and one cover for Dokken‘s “Paris Is Burning”) are not “riding”, moving forward or “back to future”. It’s a precipitous fall.

It’s not about that the album is full of musical cliché. And not it’s triviality with total predictability. The worse thing is that 35 is simply boring. Not a single song caused to push “repeat” button and it’s not memorable by anything. But 80s music was catchy and sticky! Each hit stuck in your head for a long time and it’s hard to get it out. But it’s not a case of 35.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I guess that in 80s, when such music was extremely popular, 35 was a filler album. All the more so it’s filler nowadays. So I can recommend this album only to those who is extremely nostalgic for 80s.

It’s a little weird: Judas Priest made a Heavy Metal album that sounds great and fresh. Accept try to experiment in the narrow frame of the genre, and their sound is really heavy. Grandfather U.D.O. continue to make not masterpieces but good and catchy songs. Lots of other bands play Glam and Hard’N’Heavy and they sound not boring at all. But the Mad Max don’t.

35 will be released on August, 10 via Steamhammer/SPV.


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