Review: MARA “Seiðr”

Review: MARA “Seiðr”

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Mara “Seiðr”

From the dark depths of the forest comes an ancient evil back to life. Mara is a project that focusing on old Norse paganism with a anti cosmic tone.
Mara is a solo project created by Vindsval.

So, this is a true Swedish Cold Black metal one man project. I want to present you this rare and unique gem, because there are a lot of things to say about this release. Led by Vindsval, Mara  emerges from the cold and icy Sweden. I found this release so great. Sharp cold riffs, cold atmosphere, some vocals that comes from the depth of the icy lands. The entire album reminds me of Marduk. Wild and ravageous drums all along the recording. It seems all the album is well accurated.

An important part is the production. All that comes from Scandinavia is great stuff. In fact Mara should be considered a one man warrior project who deserves attention and respect on what bring to the Swedish Black Metal scene. It’s trve, trve and trve. A honest album that gets a ‘’u-turn’’ exploring the roots of paganism. Seeing that this guy, Vindsval put another stone to the monumental colossal wall of Swedish Black Metal scene, I see it necessary to explain my point of view on this album track by track. I want to start with the track I enjoyed the most: ’’Winter Hunger’’, a terrific black metal death machine which harvest the soul, excellent track indeed, also I need to revise the excellent drumming play [on bandcamp page it is said that behind the drums is a guy named Freddy Ortscheid], also what I really like from the Swedish Black Metal is the spirit built-up in coldness and forged in fire of paganism, and this is what this album reveals to us. Another track it is entitled ‘Metamorphosis’’, reminds me some early Satyricon and Emperor era. Traditional old school Black Metal vocals and a structure song to remember.

This album is entitled ‘’Seiðr’’, also a track which starts with slow atmospheric tones and goes on with the cold guitars riffs, retouched by a rawness to keep the atmosphere wild and cold. You won’t be disappointed for sure. Give it a listen and Hails to Vindsval  for giving this album the trve grim spirit of the coldness.

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