Review Martyrvore “Obliteration” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review Martyrvore “Obliteration” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Martyrvore “Obliteration”
Deathrune Records

In every country it happens quite often that bands come from small towns. In the States it’s the same. The best example is MARTYVORE here. They come from real scrub where a little more than 6. 000 people live. This scrub’s name Kingston and it’s located in the state which’s name New Hampshire. In this not too numerous population there’s four guys who in 2002 decided to create a band. Well, two of them did it coz bassist Hellvomit joined in 2011 and second guitarist and vocalist Reaper… It seems that not so long time ago. Than Necrochrist stopped to scream and concentrated only on his guitar.

Guys call their music with a little strange, but fitting and even pertinent term: “New Hampshire Holocaust Assault Metal”. YEAH!!! I could of course say now something like “Guys use some strange term to describe Black/Death Metal in its more brutal form”. But I’ll don’t do it!!! Who cares about names?!? The most important is music, don’t you?!? Besides words “holocaust” and “assault” describe well what happens here.

“Obliteration” is their first and as I know the only full-length. Besides that they released several demos, EPs, participated in some compilations. But their discography isn’t too impressive as on 14 years of existence. Well, place of their origin can be at least a part of explanation, I think. By the way, we have here 19 songs. The first one is in very dark climate. It’s a little like intro, but I think that it’s too long as for intro – especially if we comprise it with other songs on the album. During that we can even think that we’ll listen here some Ambient or something. But who’ll expect this will be very surprised! From “Tsunami II (Chesham Rites)” we have pure Metal pest modelled on the best (and old-school) Gods of playing like that! We have all the time, with some moments of relative rest, brutality in unadulterated form. Sometimes (actually two times) we can take a little longer rest during the continuation of first song – even if these parts aren’t orderly in chronological way.   But “Eulogies” are only exceptions. Except them guys forge ahead with their brutality.

Music is mostly in rather middle tempos with often speed ups. Well, proportions are here just opposite – at least sometimes. Riffs aren’t complicated, we can even say that they’re primitive, there’s no quirkiness as solos and so on. Of course from time to time this or another guitarist plays some “melodic” riff, but that’s all! Gemini also very often works his ass off on his drums as somebody would go after him. Vocal is surely pure growling – brutal as hell, but with some good will and careful it’s easy to hear single words. Bass plays in the same way as guitars, mostly. Sometimes it happens that it comes out from its “hidden place” and then we hear some awl.

Well, I think that it has any sense to write more and more about this music. Instead of that I’ll do something what I do very rarely – name some inspirations of MARTYVORE. So here there it is: Blasphemy, old Deicide, Nuclear Death (American with Metal Goddess – Lori Bravo on vocal, of course), Sadistik Exekution, Bestial Warlust, Impaled Nazarene, old Malevolent Creation, Angelcorpse, old Vital Remains, Profanatica and similar.  I’m sure that all these names (maybe with exception of Australians who are known only for real maniacs) tell you everything. So do what you should and  need! Guys really need our support, so let’s show them it as well!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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