Review: Metalriff “Under My Skin” [Australis records]

Review: Metalriff “Under My Skin” [Australis records]

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Let’s have some thrash/power metal adventures, with this nice, energetic and fun album.

This one really has a really wild energy that never disappears and never disappoints. You can expect some fire and passion, some catchy choruses, wild solos and a powerful and raspy vocal delivery. And in addition to its sense of fun and anger, this album also has its darker or more melancholic moments, which are just as convincing as the rest.

From the beginning, we are hooked with Blood and War’s powerful chorus and its rage against religious fundamentalism and hypocrisy. This is one of the themes of the album, along with the need to break free and the loss of freedom. You can hear that in Under My Skin and its nervous and fast rhythm. Or in Saint to Demon, one of the darkest and most majestic songs on the album, about becoming a demon, probably after being unable to follow religious standards, which sounds as defiant and demonic as it should.

But like I said, the album is also pretty convincing at sad songs. Listen to the melancholic ballad The Emptiness, which ends on a desperate “I have to go”. But the saddest and most hopeless song has to be Puppets and Clowns, a long rant which ends up declaring that no one can be trusted anymore and no one has any free will so they all have become puppets and clowns.

The sad songs are in the middle and the end of the album, but the band prove that they can still play the Metalriffs they are named after, with the wild The Borderline and the pretty catchy instrumental From the Ashes. Even with its bleak lyrics, Puppets and Clowns is a ferocious track that sounds like something out of Metallica’s Death Magnetic. And the last track, Don’t Be Afraid to Die, definitely has some speed too.

Overall, this album has a lot of fun energy, and never a dull moment. I wouldn’t exactly say I loved it, but it had a nice kick to it, and there are some tracks that really deserve a listen. So let’s go from saint to demon too.

Release date: August 25th, 2020

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