Review: Mist of Misery “Shackles Of Life”

Review: Mist of Misery “Shackles Of Life”

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Mist of Misery “Shackles Of Life”

Stockholm isn’t only capital of Sweden, but also the most populous city of Nordic countries where live something like 950.000 people (only in the city as well – in urban area live more than 1,5 million). That’s why so many bands have their headquarters right there. One of them is founded in March 2010 – MIST OF MISERY.  Since this time there were few changes in line-up and the only original member of the band is Mortuz Denatus (vocals, keys, programming). Well, guitarist Phlegethon is also long in the crew – he joined in 2011. So it seems that whole five years it was just a duet because all original members left just before Phlegethon came to MIST OF MISERY. Anyway, this fact didn’t disturbed for releasing new stuffs. Generally the band has two full-lengths and four so called EPs – two of them ‘Shackles of Life’ and ‘Fields of Isolation’ released this year.

Guys call their creativity Depressive Black Metal/Atmospheric Black Metal/ Symphonic Black Metal/Symphonic Metal. But unfortunately I can’t find on reviewing stuff anything depressive; I’d have also serious doubts with this symphony. The fact is that except keyboards sounding sometimes like piano, there’re electronically generated fiddlesticks and stuff like that. But it take place rarely – contrary to play of, let’s call it, “regular” keyboards which are everywhere and almost whole the time. Sometimes I feel that this instrument plays even more important role than guitar in music of Swedes. It doesn’t mean that we’re not able to it! Phlegethon plays a lot and quite variable. But somehow it sounds not as heavy and powerfully as I’d wish and first of all, I expect from Metal band. On one hand I can hear Metal in them (some riffs remind me other than Black sub-genres of our beloved music), but on other hand it’s somehow quite soft often. Maybe this is because of these keyboards? I don’t know.

Livsnekaren (in the band since 2016) beats in Black Metal way, but everything is mostly typical and foreseeable. Especially speed ups are like that. I heard exactly the same solutions at least 500 times and I’m sure that I’ll do it in the future the same often. There’re some parts where he plays a little more sophisticated – it’s about these slower ones with using of cymbals in higher grad. Tenebros’ bass follows drums as it should be. By the way, he joined the ensemble this year, but is experienced musician as well.

To sum up this is definitely Black Metal, but as for me here’s too much keyboards in background. I have nothing against songs like “Opening Chapter to a Solitary Confinement” or “Closing Chapter” that has (maybe except common climate – somehow) nothing to do with Metal, anyways. But I’m sure that there’re fans of such playing between readers and for them this stuff (calling it EP is some misunderstanding in my opinion – it contains seven songs and take almost an half hour) will definitely be something great.

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