Review: MOONSPELL “Lisboa Under The Spell” (3CDs) [Napalm Records]

Review: MOONSPELL “Lisboa Under The Spell” (3CDs) [Napalm Records]

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Moonspell just performed and recorded a performance of their carrier, and possibly their lives. If it’s to me, the review would have ended now and urge you check out their new DVD Lisboa Under the Spell but let’s go through this.

The DVD starts with a morning routines of the whole band, having more than a glimpse of their private life, families and significant others, going to the bakery, coffee shops and such.

At first I was a bit taken back simply out of the opinion that it kills the bands overall mystic. But when they stepped up the stage you realized quickly that the persons that we saw in the beginning are quite different guys.

So, that night under the full moon, the band performs their two most significant albums Wolfheart and Irreligious and at the time their newest offering Extinct; nearly 3 hours of Moonspell in one night, by a band of guys in the near fifties. In normal circumstances, this performance would go bad and half-way the band would hardly stand on their feet, but Moonspell is nothing but a normal band.

The best version of the album Wolfheart is performed that night, just wow. I know that there is a really solid remastered version of the album released some ten years ago but this surpasses it in every possible way. “Alma Mater” just sends chill down your spine by the band and the fantastic crowd who were with them till the last note. It’s also great that songs like “Poisoned Gift” which is not played that much finally got its well-deserved spot.

Irreligious has way the best vibe and lightshow of the all three sets, covering the albums main colors with a few surprises along the way with includes Ricardo‘s wife Mariangela Demurtas from Tristania on the song “Raven Claws”.

Every song has its own mood and vibe. Almost like a movie. It’s a bit odd to review a lightshow but on this gig nothing is given to chance or was overlooked. Everything is in symbiosis with the band and works with them flawlessly.

And there is Full Moon Madness.

Holy earthquakes of Portugal.

When you will be watching that song performed, and to being moved I unfortunately must inform you that your pulse is beyond the negative zone. The best song off the DVD easily.

As it was mentioned, the last act covers their at the time latest album: Extinct. An inferior offering comparing with the past two albums by a few miles and not among my personal favorites although having some great tracks like the self-titled, “Malignia” and “Last of us”.

Nevertheless this section has a great production with an impressive opening having most of the cast from their “Breathe (Until We Are No More)” video. But it does end on a low point with “The Future is Dark” which in my opinion drags in the album and drags even more after two and half hours of the bands performance but is corrected with Fernando after party in the hotel. I’m not going to say what it is; you’re going to have to watch it. His closing words are surreal and something that every band feels after such an incredible concert.

If there some form of magic exists, it is in this DVD, and what a mighty spell it is.

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