Review: MORAST “Ancestral Void”

Review: MORAST “Ancestral Void”

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MORAST “Ancestral Void”
Totenmusik / Ván Records

With a dense, heavy, atmospheric and melancholic sound, Morast provides you with a biting and cold listen that you can’t shake off. Each song is just as heavy and melancholic as the last and sooner rather than later you are spinning through a miserable pitch black void. Morast keeps everything strictly dismal as there is no light what so ever at the end of the tunnel and that is due to the thick and abysmal atmosphere that they create. They don’t ease you into this either as it hits you in the chest immediately and follows you around like a dark cloud even after you are finished with a listen.

The atmosphere that “Ancestral Void” packs within it is poisonous and bleak. No matter which song it is that you are listening to you can guarantee that you will be getting an atmosphere that is wholly unforgiving and twisting. Once you press the play button it encompasses you and shrouds you in misery and dread and at certain points you end up feeling cold and alone. “Ancestral Void” locks you in a dark tomb where it locks the door and tosses the key so that you cannot escape.

Ultimately, “Ancestral Void” is an album of heaving and dismal darkness and that itself is nearly enough to keep you listening. It’s intoxicating and completely inviting even though it is purely dark and grim and there is something about that that just keeps drawing you in closer and deeper into the never ending abyss. “Ancestral Void” is a soul tearing and damning release that takes no time at all to steal and devour your soul whole. Each of the six songs on this record are heavy and malevolent and they don’t stop until you are completely sucked asunder into the void.

“Ancestral Void” is a heavy album in both theme and musicianship. Throughout this record you get pummeled with buzzing riffs that sound as though they came from below, thunderous bass lines, solid drum work and hellish and sinister vocals. The overall sound is raw and punishing but even so you feel yourself longing for more listens and sooner or later your hand ventures over to the play button again and again. As sinister and dark as this album is you can’t stop at one listen as you end up needing your fill of dread and despair.

Overall, “Ancestral Void” is an unmistakably great listen as you get six heavy and harsh songs that you have a hard time not listening to.

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