Review: Morgon “Evoking Eternity”

Review: Morgon “Evoking Eternity”

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morgon2Morgon “Evoking Eternity”

Hey guys I got back. I thought to introduce you a very very unique band from Germany. Morgon. I want to underline a fact since the beginning. If you like Behemoth, this is the right band to not miss. I am listening all the new album now and what an aggressive surprise!!!!!!!!! Really an extreme black/death metal band to keep an eye on. I am satisfied with the sound quality. I can clearly hear all the instruments. Excellent,excellent, excellent work. I didn’t expect a such aggressive album played with such an incredible precision.

Very prominent band with a bright future in extreme scene. Really impressed about the artcover quality.

Oh damnnnnnnnnnnnnn this track is so fucking crazy and fucking extreme,’’Sulphur’’, up the volume guys, it’s super fucking crazy. Robust sound and  a vocal to remember, this is Morgon and not Behemoth. A true Panzer from Germany, crushing heads and skulls with a dynamic to explode your head are ready to conquer the black/death extreme scene. I would recommend to all those people who love death metal vocals from hell. At the same line goes ‘’Antagonist’’ another great track. I really appreciate the work on guitars. Impressive and magnificent. A killer track,definitely you will enjoy it for sure. You may also find slow passages but they are not dominants and give this masterpiece a very unique taste. It’s an album who deserves attention in everything, guitars, drums, bass and vocals. It’s a ‘’full-option death/black opus from hell‘’.

Every collector would be proud to have Morgon on their collection. You may think it’s over rated to declare this,but give it yourself a chance, give it a listen. I would also recommend ‘’Maze of Redemption’’, ‘’Glorification of the Black Flame’’ and the others. German Panzers will never fail. Be sure for this. As I said from the beginning is a realy underground unique masterpiece. It’s been awhile I haven’t listened such a terrific black/death metal of high gain quality. Line by line, note by note and minute by minute will get what you really want from an extreme entity band. It’s a crushing skull massacre at all senses. No fictive schemes or riffs, but only true aggressive underground sound driving to the end of the abyss. One of the most strongest points of this album is the vocals part. All the black/death bands would wish to have a vocalist of high standards like this. So horns up and give it a try to this colossal release.

1. Aether
2. Sulphur
3. The BleedingWounds Of The Demiurge
4. Antagonist
5. Emptiness: Part I
6. Glorification Of The Black Flame
7. Monuments Of Transcedental Power
8. Maze Of Redemption
9. Portal To Solitude
10. Emptiness: Part II
11. Evoking Eternity


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