Review: MOS GENERATOR / DI’AUL ‘SPLIT’ [Argonauta Records]

Review: MOS GENERATOR / DI’AUL ‘SPLIT’ [Argonauta Records]

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Two bands with strongly complimentary sounds come together in a rock hard split EP that promises to delight listeners with its vintage feel and heavy grooves. Mos Generator and Di’Aul offer up some exquisite doom and hard rock styling here, sure to keep you rocking all night.

Mos Generator starts things off with some heavy Sabbath worship. Chords are gut churning over a heavy static drum beat. The sound overall is at time brain numbing in its intensity, but it is not without its nuances. The particular tracks chosen from Mos Generator‘s catalog to make up their side if the EP are deep cuts, and really at times more sketches than fully fleshed out ideas. This does not take away from their quality at all, but rather offers up a unique glimpse into the band’s style at it’s most raw and natural.

Di’Aul come roaring out of the gate next with an equally powerful two song romp. Heavier in many ways to Mos Generator‘s vintage doom, Di’Aul utilizes a drawling sound, so much so that I was certain these guys hailed from the southern US on first listen. But the Italian Sludge rock troupe carves out a sound that is distinctly their own, with timing and grooves that might sound strange on first listen, but will certainly grow on listeners in very short order.

With very little wasted space through the quick EP (I did feel that Mos Generator‘s Pink Floyd cover could have been omitted with very little detriment to the overall product), this duo comes across as two halves of a delightful whole. Working in perfect harmony, these guys have put together a great piece. Give it a listen. It’ll do you good.

Release date: September 25th 2020

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