Review: Mosh-Pit Justice “The Fifth Of Doom” [Iron Shield Records]

Review: Mosh-Pit Justice “The Fifth Of Doom” [Iron Shield Records]

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Bulgaria can be hardly called metal country. It has its own metal scene, of course, but as far as I know it’s a deep underground and some local bands are not so known beyond the country’s borders. Nevertheless, the bands still live their lives, perform and release albums, like Thrash/Power band Mosh-Pit Justice, which released its fifth album called The Fifth Of Doom.

Mosh-Pit Justice was formed in 2012 by Georgy “Peich” Peichev (vocals), Staffa Vasilev (guitars, drums, backing vocals) and Mariyan Georgiev (bass). The line-up is stable, even though Mariyan lives in US now, so Mosh-Pit Justice can be considered as an international band.

The Fifth Of Doom is a mix of the oldschool Thrash Metal, American Power and a little bit of Heavy. Although it can’t be said these elements mixed equally in the music. The album starts with Thrash, gradually diluted with Power and Heavy but in the end it turns back to Thrash Metal.

The opening track “Designed To Suffer” starts with powerful, escalating intro which turns into speed and aggression. Drums and guitars sound really potent – great work of Staffa. There is a male chanting in a chorus, which adds some aggression. The same happens in “Destined To Row” with melodic solo and groovy bridge and the closing track “My Transgressions” with a mighty drumming.

“Down We Bleed” together with “Voices Below” start in melodic way and soon change with Thrash Metal aggression. However, the pace is slowing down on the bridge and music turns to Power again. “Into The Light” keeps mighty guitar sound and powerful drums but sounds more like American Power: heavy, melodic and not so aggressive against the other songs. “To Find Peace” is going to NWOBHM with some Thrash but the solo-guitar returns it to Heavy.

The self-titled “The Fifth Of Doom” opens with acoustic guitar, slowly increases tempo and in the middle of the track music finally turns to Heavy/Power with long solo.

And all this could be good and diverse Thrash Metal with lots of elements if not Georgy’s vocal: it’s clean, quite rough and with some reservations it could fit the music. In “Designed To Suffer” and some other songs there is some aggression in vocals, required for the genre. But when Peich is high-pitching, which is more inherent to Power Metal, it dissonant badly and the music loses all the charms. Sometimes it’s contrariwise: in the chorus of “Into The Light”, for example, vocals are much more aggressive than the music requires. And to be completely honest, I couldn’t get used to the vocals and high-pitch even after I have listened to the whole album several times.

Anyway, if you can somehow detach yourself the vocals, then The Fifth Of Doom is an aggressive and powerful album with some interesting blend of genres. But I almost sure you couldn’t detach, so listen to it on your own risk. Although it can be just some layman’s opinion and listeners will decide for themselves.

The Fifth Of Doom was released on August, 14 via Iron Shield Records.

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