Review: Mynskh “Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection” [Atmaah Records]

Review: Mynskh “Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection” [Atmaah Records]

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The Austrian band Mynskh, based in Vienna this year has decided to re-record the album “Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection” with remastered sound and newly recorded bass-guitar parts. Three years ago this album passed almost unnoticed, so now there’s an opportunity to get a deserved attention, because the musicians have written strong and pretty ingenious music.

Mynskh has released the conceptual album; the lyrics tell about the demise of fictional universe, dark and strange, after it plunges deep into chaos and insanity, and the soundtrack of slightly synthesized black/death metal perfectly fits in these brutal and dark scenes, when the ideal and harmonious universe falls into abyss of madness and chaos. Beautiful futuristic cover art also nicely conveys the apocalyptic image of cosmic collapse in grayish shadowy tones.

Despite the fact, that Mynskh consists of only two members S.A. and G.C., they invited a bunch of guest musicians from Germany, Tunisia, Iran and other countries, which added their own professional musical vision and flamboyant richness. The sound is clean and well remastered, so every instrument and vocal line sounds like a real treat for the ears. Generally “Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection” is a black/death metal release, and if the metal base is rather grounded on death metal, then all the experiments, melodic parts, as well as clearly articulated classical screaming lean rather on black metal. There’s multiple use of samples, but they are not dominating on this album, samples create the synthetic feeling and general atmospheric aura in the background, as well as diversify an experimental side of the music, from noise and dungeon synth to symphonic neo-classical (the classical cellist Matthias Bartolomey was engaged in the recording session). The long compositions don’t sound boring or protracted due to various stylistic shifts and moody decelerations of tempo.

The re-recorded bass-guitar lines are indeed audible on this record, especially on the songs “Entering the Age of Ascension” and “ATMAAH”, but the drums leave the background zone during the most rapid black metal passages. The catchy and atmospheric guitar riffs have the key role; they create the psychological climate in a physical level, whereas the various samples, acoustic elements and synthetic and melodic passages are responsible for soul of the album, creating the different mood, from romantic to horror. The singer mostly screams in the traditional black metal style, although there can be heard a little bit of clean voice and creepy whispers (“The Amendment of a Cosmic Fault” and “ATMAAH”), but the female guest singers adorned the song “The Black City, the Seduction and the Judgement of the Great Harlot”, adding some oriental vibes.

The re-recorded material of “Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection” definitely sounds more modern and juicy, so musicians rekindled this album for a good reason, because such musical devotion deserves greater attention. The music of Mynskh is sufficiently original with an excellent quality, so let’s hope, that the second and third parts of this trilogy will match the high standards of the debut album.

Release date: September 18th, 2020

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