Review: MYRHOLT “Vinter”

Review: MYRHOLT “Vinter”

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Ole Alexander Myrholt is a Norwegian musician that shows talent with a number of instruments. He has contributed to material many times between the likes of Archon and Those Left Behind, handling drums for Mork most recently. His extremely busy solo project MYRHOLT is reviewed here, the digitally self-released VINTER is upon us…

Track 1 – “Heimdall” (Name of one of the stronger Norse gods) starts with screechy keyboard and branches out into a rock out riff backed with usual BM vocals. There’s a good riff here but the drums don’t do it justice at all in my eyes. Once the drums slow even further and just plod along, the track improves somewhat. Get rid of that rock beat and “Heimdall” would score an extra few point. At 10m 12s, perhaps the time doesn’t help one bit.

Track 2 – “Hieros gamos” (which means sexual magik) these 7m fair far better than the first, thankfully. Some much colder – yes COLDER riffs, make this the winner of the two tracks by a huge country mile. Mid-tempo drum beats encourage and entice the best out of these riffs and it all blends well together. Once we get mid-way into this track it all makes sense. There’s some beautiful piano in final moments and this captures what I believe MYRHOLT was trying to achieve, leaving me satisfied but scratching my head…

The difference in quality of writing makes me wonder just how these two tracks have been selected to stand together. They don’t seem to mirror each other, nor play the opposite, Yin – Yang game. I don’t get it.

The Vinter artwork is typical and looks like a winter travel advert. Nothing for me to get excited about here. Shame. Very short release, very short review.

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