Review NATVRE’S “Wrath” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review NATVRE’S “Wrath” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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NATVRE’S “Wrath”

Greece had always huge and strong Black Metal scene. One of the youngest representatives of it is NATVRE’S. Band was formed only two years ago by three guys: Aethia (bass), Saathield (dr) and Foedraan voc, guit). Well, at least anywhere I didn’t find information that there’re some ex-members, so… However, all of them live in Thessaloniki – the second largest city of Greece. By the way, sometimes it’s called “co-capitol”. City has of course its roots in times when Greek civilization was dominating one in the Mediterranean basin (and not only, anyway).

“Wrath” is the first release ever of our Greek friends. It seems that guys are creative ones coz they decided to present themselves to the world with whole album. It contains eight songs (in that one, “Hinterland” located more or less in the middle of album, is instrumental one) of the sub-genre of Metal which I mentioned in the first sentence of this review. Well, if you expect what’s identification of Black Metal in Greek style than you’ll be disappointed. We have here with this raw and in some way primitive kind of Black Metal. It’s definitely played in Scandinavian style.

Songs are long and title one and mentioned above “Hinterland” even extremely long. Everything is in low tempo. That’s truth that drums from time to time make some speed ups, but they’re rather incidental. Riffs are of curse very easy, raw and here’s everything ok – in such music they just should be like that. Worst is that they’re quite often overstuffed. Vocal is exactly like it should be. It’s typical and pedestrian Black Metal spawn. The same like the music – mostly wearying. To be honest if not drums which at least sometimes play in quite varying way than I’d probably fall asleep during listening to this album!

I know that there’re quite a lot of fans of such music and that’s why I’ll just say one thing: For me this is annoying, songs are too long in my opinion. So I recommend it only to real fans of such music! Anyway, I have no idea what for they have three e-mails. They think that if they recorded and released album by themselves they’ll start to get millions of e-mails?!? But maybe I’m too old to understand this…

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