Review: Necromantic Worship “The Calling…” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Necromantic Worship “The Calling…” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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necromantic_worship_-_the_calling_coverNecromantic Worship “The Calling…”
Nuclear War Now! Productions / New Era Productions

Let’s move to Netherlands. Unfortunately that’s all what I know about this band. Of course except line-up (four guys with pseudonyms) and the fact that it’s very young band. For sure I know what I hear on this tape, too. “The calling” is second release in history of N.W. The first one was “Spirit of entrance onto death” and it was also a demo (I suppose that also released as a tape).

Well, to be honest music of N.W. surprised me. But it was in positive sense. I thought that it’ll be just a Black Metal in fast tempos which has nothing special to offer to a listener. But my fears collapsed after not more than one minute. Of course this is Black Metal and you must be really as deaf as a doorpost or never heard Black Metal before! I’m even almost sure that fans both of this uncompromising, in some way brutal, primitive… and symphonic, more technical, majestic version of this genre will be satisfied! Keyboards are here the same important as guitar. Both instruments play blasphemous melodies, sometimes we can even say about something like quick solos. But even they aren’t complicated – and here I could and even should use word: fortunately. The reason why this word should be used is that it doesn’t destroy whole climate. Contrary, they complement everything. Vocal is of course as it should be in Black Metal. Even if we hear it very well it impress to be a little receding and mostly “hidden” in background.  To the fore become all instruments. But it’s made in skillful way what means that drown out what Ghûllzaraën do. And this is really interesting what he do. As I said he use almost all the time typical for Black Art harsh voice (in various ways which depend on character of the music in this or another moment), but sometimes we hear also his recitations. I didn’t read lyrics, but I suppose that there’re verses taken directly from “Necronomicon”.

Well, I could write even more about this demo. I could describe all technical twists and turns. But I think that it’ll be better if you’ll just listen to it!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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