Review: NIGHT DEMON “Darkness Remains” – Expanded Edition

Review: NIGHT DEMON “Darkness Remains” – Expanded Edition

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NIGHT DEMON “Darkness Remains”
Steamhammer / SPV

This album was reviewed last year by Droll, and it’s because of that review, I became a fan of Night Demon. If you didn’t read the review, then Night Demon are a US band that ply an early 80s version of NWOBHM. Stacks of melody and galloping riffs, that take you back 35 or so years with ease. And you also get Maiden Hell, which references Iron Maiden song titles throughout the lyrics – very cool indeed.

Now, they are making their way over from the US to support Accept on their European tour, hence this re-issue.

And while some re-issues are a complete rip-off, this is the complete opposite, with just over 2 hours of music on offer. Part 1 is the standard album, plus some bonus tracks. Including a superb rendition of Black Sabbath’s Turn Up The Night, which was the opening track on Mob Rules, which is still my favourite Sabbath album. The also cover the fast version of Queen’s We Will Rock You, the song that opened the set on one of the greatest live albums of all time, Live Killers. They do an amazing job on both cover versions.

You get another version of the album, titled the Bright Lights Mix… which ironically doesn’t sound as bright as the original album, with the sound much duller.

Part 3 is the commentary version. Now I had no idea what to expect… and it’s basically an interview focussing on each track individually. Personally, I think it’s something you’ll only listen to once, but it is an interesting insight to how the band made the album, including the aforementioned Maiden Hell. It’s well put together, so this hasn’t been just thrown together without any thought. Fans will, I’m sure, love it.

As a new-ish convert, I’m impressed with the whole concept of this re-issue. And it really does offer value for money. And I’d definitely like to see this concept used a lot more in the future.

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