Review: Night Demon “Darkness Remains”

Review: Night Demon “Darkness Remains”

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Honestly, I was waiting for this album impatiently. Imagine NWOBHM in all its best, e.g. early Iron Maiden, Diamond Head or Raven: melodic and catchy music, interesting guitar riffs and bridges, technical solos, solid drums and strongly marked bass – and you will get an approximate idea what is ‘Darkness Remains’ all about.

It can be said that this is not an “album” or even “oldtimer”, but a real time machine. Because it’s worth a lot to feel the late 70’s and early 80’s in metal and bring it that way, that it would not be a crib or non-interesting set of music templates.

Night Demon formed in 2011 in Ventura, California. In 2012 their debut self-titled EP is out, and three years later the band release their firs LP ‘Curse Of The Damned’. It gained a great fans’ attention and got lots of positive reviews from critiques. But their new album ‘Darkness Remains’ have much more cautious attitude. Will Night Demon succeed in repeating the success of the previous album? The answer is yes!

An album contains ten songs (12 in vinyl version), each of which can quite pretend for “the favorite song from an album” – there are no fillers. Like absolutely no! From the opener “Welcome To The Night” the band shows its best: smooth, sharp and powerful Dusty Squires’ drums; deep Jarvis Leatherby’s bass and great, catchy riffs with melodic and techical solos by Armand John Anthony (who changed Brent Woodward in 2015).

Almost every song here is high-paced except “Stranger In The Room” and self-titled ending “Darkness Remains”. Here the tempo goes nearly doom’y, but it doesn’t make an allbum worse. Rather it refer us to another metal founding fathers Black Sabbath, that finished their career officially not a long time ago.

Also there is a great instrumental “Flight Of The Manticore”, well-kept in style and shows all musicians mastery. And of course “Maiden Hell” is worth to mention – the song that full of references to Iron Maiden. Great idea that done perfectly.

Some say, that era of masterpieces is gone. In some moment I was totally agree with that, because I haven’t seen an album without fillers or real weak songs for a long time. But Night Demon showing for the second time that it’s not truth.

‘Darkness Remains’  is an album that will stay in my playlist for a long time. Hope it’ll stay in yours too.

‘Darkness Remains’  will be released on April, 21 by Steamhammer/SPV.

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