Review: Ordalie “Indifferent Universe” [Paragon Records]

Review: Ordalie “Indifferent Universe” [Paragon Records]

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When it comes to the French black metal scene, I’m always curious whether I will like the material or not; the French black metal scene is very powerful, but some bands are not to my taste. However, when it comes to Ordalie, I like everything I hear. First of all, for those unfamiliar with the band, Ordalie was formed back in 2011, and Indifferent Universe is their second full-length album. The lineup includes musicians from Aldaaron and Helegion, to name a few.

So, let’s see what’s interesting about what Ordalie has brought here. The album starts with an intro, and right after that, the opener “Dans ce néant glacial” starts to poison your mind! What’s most interesting to me personally is the song structures, which are quite rich. First, you can hear some really fast-paced parts, then those parts become slow-paced, and after that, you can even dig into some ambient tunes, and so on. But of course, there’s a portion of poisoned black metal hurricane waiting for you on “Indifferent Universe”. I can hear smoothly all the guitars (raging and sometimes drawn-out guitar melodies that sometimes remind me of Inquisition), tight bass lines (bass lines worth being described separately, as they often sound truly freezing and catchy!), underlined by drumming (the same here, some slow-paced drums changed by pure classic French black metal hurricane!), some great guitar solos (with a cosmic atmosphere, furious, semi-melodic, and memorable); and everything is covered by a dissonant, dark atmosphere.

Indifferent Universe is more than a good album, I bet everybody who likes atmospheric black metal will dig this one. And I can tell the truth: I will be back to this album really often. Now only half of 2024 has passed, but to me, Indifferent Universe is one of the top BM albums of 2024! Hail!

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