Review: Parasite Inc “Dead And Alive”

Review: Parasite Inc “Dead And Alive”

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Five years ago in 2013 German Melodic Death metallers Parasite Inc. released their debut album Time Tears Down. It was highly demanded by the crowd and got lots of positive reviews from critics (well, let’s not forget about self-titled demo from 2010). The band was predicted with a great future, guys performed at many big festivals, toured a lot and persistently earned a name for them, turning listeners to their fans. But, as usual, something went wrong; to be precise – everything. Band’s line-up was changed a couple of times, label was closed, or rather renamed, and there were no news from the band. Until 2017, when Parasite Inc went to studio to record their second album Dead And Alive.

An album was preceded by successful crowdfunding campaign, so the band was also in touch with their fans while they worked on an album in their own studio. Aljoscha Sieg, who worked with such bands like Nasty, Eskimo Callboy and August Burns Red is responsible for mastering, so the sound is very qualitative and solid.

So, Dead And Alive is 11 Melodic Death Metal songs; rather nine songs, instrumental intro and “Empty Streets” cover for Synth Pop band Scandroid. And the main thing worth to distinguish is that Parasite Inc.‘s music the notions “Melodic” and “Death Metal” are equivalent. Here the heaviness of music goes with great melodies, which are very catchy and turn some songs to literally “ear worms”. With this, some critics already blamed the band as “poppy”. They also added to their “poppy list” such bands like Arch Enemy, In Flames (no matter is it nowadays band, ‘Whoracle’ era or ‘Reroute To Remain’) and Children Of Bodom. Well, if the words “melodic”, “catchy” and “poppy” are equal for them, then or they need some therapy, or I don’t understand something in metal.

At the same time there are some Thrash, Punk and even 80’s Synth elements. Not so bright, vividly and diverse as Die Apokalyptischen Reiter doing this – the main genre for Parasite Inc. is Melodic Death Metal, but it seems that the goal was not to impress the listener with variety but to make a good edging for their music. And the band made it great: music became brighter without losing its main merits.

All in all it can’t be said that Parasite Inc. did something entirely new or made a revolution within their genre, but the band didn’t need it. Dead And Alive is a solid album with good sound and catchy songs. Great work!

Dead And Alive was released on August, 17 via Reaper Entertainment.

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