Review: Parris Hyde “Unlock Your Freedom” [Music for the Masses / MISSLEADER]

Review: Parris Hyde “Unlock Your Freedom” [Music for the Masses / MISSLEADER]

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This has been a tough review to write. I have listened to this album so many times yet am battling to describe it… and not because it’s bad, because it’s rather quite good, but because I find it quite unique. It has the feel of a story book with 11 completely different chapters (if you exclude the three bonus tracks), and that’s not to say that their song writing is more thoughtful and engaging than other bands, because I simply cannot find lyrics except for one song, it’s just that the album on a whole has that sound and feel to it. Perhaps it’s Parice Scaglione’s a.k.a. Parris Hyde’s broad Italian accent that makes their sound more interesting? Not sure… but I think it does add an extra little dimension to the album, much like Titus of Acid Drinkers.

This is an interesting album, it is probably best described by me as traditional heavy metal with some gothic elements, yet they are self-proclaimed ‘melodic, theatrical, shocking, horror heavy metal’, but interesting nonetheless. Every song is unique, which is not the vibe you get from the opening track. Although in saying that, the opening track does not match the artwork, which got me interested to hear what the rest of the album is all about. And I was pleasantly surprised. These guys are musically proficient with some really catchy hooks, and as mentioned before, every song is different, which is probably the reason I was able to listen to it so many times.

The opening track, ‘Rock is Dead (Long Live Metal)’ is a typical traditional heavy metal anthem… been done so many times before since the early 80s. Yet the rest of the album isn’t, and it’s this difference that gets me wanting to read the lyrics, because from what I can hear, apart from one song that I found lyrics to, these guys have written some thought-provoking and interesting songs on this album. These Italian metallers have definitely got something going here. This is well-crafted and well-executed, and although not the kind of album usually in my wheelhouse, I found it a good listen.

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