Review: Porazium “Bigger the Care – Bigger the Hate”

Review: Porazium “Bigger the Care – Bigger the Hate”

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Spawned from many well-known Croatian bands, Porazium is born in 2018, a well versed love letter to death metal scene from the nineties. I clearly remember hearing it for the first time a few months ago, especially the self-titled track and thinking that this is got to be from the Eaten Back to Life from Cannibal Corpse. It hits like a semi-truck that already had a few crashes along the road till it reached your sorry ass and I mean positive it in every possible way.

It’s chaotic, but tight and well-focused. Which it would explain since the lineup consists of drummers and bass players. Rhythm is in their death valley.

This is Bigger the Care – Bigger the Hate; you can believe that the title of their first album very much fits the attitude of the music. No overproduction, no effects, you hear the cymbals on their first track of the album “Došao je kraj” (The End has Come) and it goes full throttle from start to finish. It’s not a long album to be honest; it’s a few minutes shy of lasting half of hour and that might be album’s biggest flaw. Consisting of seven tracks with every song lasting for from two and half minutes to their longest track and last track “Darkness Overtakes the Light” with the duration of five minutes. Despite this, no second is really wasted in this record.

“Factory of Idiots” for some reason reminds me of old Kataklysm (gee what happened with them?), the rhythm sections, the smart and measured implement of growl and harsh vocals at the same time. The same goes for the next track “DieRotForgiveNo”. You instantly hooked up on the song and the wild ride it takes you. “DieRotForgiveNo” is personally my favorite track of the album, the moment it flawlessly goes into blast beat is seamless and you are ready to break that hole in that wall and wave to the neighbor.

Porazium is not reinventing the wheel in death metal but it definitely puts a ton of grease on it, it’s a love letter to old school side of the subgenre and everyone who loves it.

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