Review: Power From Hell ”Blood ‘N’ Spikes”

Review: Power From Hell ”Blood ‘N’ Spikes”

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Power From Hell – ”Blood ’N’ Spikes” (Dying Victims Productions)

Power From Hell are from Brazilso if you look at the band name (presumably inspired by Onslaught) and album title, then you really don’t need me to review this. Immediately, for me anyway, bullets belts, Satanic Thrash and maybe a bit of Venom and Bathory worship come to mind… tie that in with the bands location and it’s one of those magical dark moments that could only come from South America.

The big difference with Power From Hell, is that despite its Thrashy feel, a lot of the time it’s a bit slower than your average Speed/Thrash Metal. But when they up the speed count, like on “Obscure Creation”, it’s a headbangers dream.

Apparently the band, after having toured South America and the USA a couple of times, are now ready to invade Europe. And the countries with the most Metal of hearts will probably worship them the best. So maybe Germany and Greece would be their best audiences.

This mini album ends with a cover of Judas Priest’s “Freewheel Burning”, it’s a wonderfully rough take on the original with the whiskey soaked vocals of Sodomic sounding like Lemmy with a sore throat… and it gives one of Metals best ever anthems a new lease of life.

With only 6 tracks spread over 21 minutes, it’s too short of a release. Let’s hope they do a full album next time as this really does leave you wanting to hear more.

I can sit and listen to this gnarly take on Metal all day long and the Brazilians do it better than most.

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