Review POWERWOLF “The Metal Mass – Live” (by Droll)

Review POWERWOLF “The Metal Mass – Live” (by Droll)

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POWERWOLF “The Metal Mass – Live”
Napalm Records

Honestly, if there is a band in the world that I’m not just like, but fan of a band like 13-years old girl, this band is Powerwolf. And not only me, I guess. The secret of their success if quite simple (theoretically): relatively simple and catchy melodies, Attila Dorn’s deep vocals, organ like keyboards by Falk Maria Schlegel and last but not least – the lyrics, related to both Christianity and Satanism with a fair amount of humor. Besides, the band make great live shows and it seems can not only turn on the crowd of fans, but can pull out the dead from their graves and make them to sing their songs. So, after 13 years of band existence and six albums (released by schedule with interval of two years), Powerwolf’s first live dvd The Metal Mass Live will be released.

Double dvd includes three live shows: Masters of Rock 2015 (which was played only two days later from Blessed And Possessed release), Summer Breeze 2015 и Wolfsnächte-Tour 2015. This three performances are showing best who are Powerwolf, what do they play and why it’s worth to see them live at least one time.

Musicians’ energy can be felt even through the screen. Good operator’s work allows to see not only the ease with which the musicians keep the audience (sometimes huge audience) “at the fingertips”, but also the passion, with which they are playing and making the show. Fans are also showed very well, diverse and with love. Teenagers and adult people. Corpse-painted and regular, everyday clothes. Those who know all the lyrics and those who just nodding to the beat. Is there needed any more evidence of band’s acceptance? I guess no. Of course, many can say that their melodies are primitive and the albums are similar (reminds a history of AC/DC, no?), but the fans’ reaction is proving that the band is loved by them. And people want to hear Powerwolf more.

The sound is also recorded qualitatively. There can be heard all the instruments, vocals and fans’ reactions, of course. The roar of thousandth after first notes of “Let There Be Night” worth a lot. On a whole, dvd comprise almost all the creative way that the band took up, except the very first album Return in Bloodred. So there can be heard not only new songs live, but also some old material. 

There is also a documentary movie Kreuzweg – Of Wolves And Men, where members themselves telling about their history (pleasure of fan and a dream of a lazy journalist), rises, falls and future plans.

Basically, after many years on a stage, couple of albums and countless number of live shows, Powerwolf presented some kind of done work report. Sumptuously decorated, fill of metal and humor. Well, what else true-metalhead need?

The Metal Mass Live will be released on July, 29 by Napalm Records.


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