Review: PRONG “X – No Absolutes”

Review: PRONG “X – No Absolutes”

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PRONG_X-No_Absolutes_PrintPRONG “X – No Absolutes”
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New Yorks masters of groove laced but head crushingly heavy metal Prong return with their latest opus and it is safe to say that the band have not lost neither their aggression or groove in their 30 year (give or take a few years break) career and X- No Absolutions is proof beyond doubt of that. As soon as opening track Ultimate Authority blasts through the speakers it is clear that as Prong get further into their career, the quality of their output has not diminished in the slightest.
Big grooves and it is those grooves that Prong have always been known for are evident throughout this album as the band continue unleashing those grooves to the delight of their legions of fans as well as the right amount of melody (especially on the track Belief System and the closing With Dignity) and the aggressive, hardcore nature that Prong are known for are all evident on the album and the in your face nature of their music is here in a big way too, when you listen to a track like Sense Of Ease you will realise this extremely quickly.

This is quintessential Prong with frontman Tommy Victor in fine form throughout (both vocally and his guitar work, some of the riffs on here could cut through glass and his solos are on point too) and the rhythm section that has been stable since 2012 consisting of bassist Jason Christopher and drummer Art Cruz are on fine form too.

Since the band got back together in 2002, they have basically just picked off when they left off when they initially split up in 1996 and have been going strong ever since and this album is a testament to the bands strengths and their consistent output.
PRONG-NOABSOLUTES-2Songs like Ice Runs Through My Veins and No Absolutes would have slotted perfectly into the bands mid-90s albums Cleansing and Rude Awakening but they are far from throwback tracks, it is just that Prongs grooving metal is essentially timeless such is the strength of their sound and you instantly recognise that Prong sound as soon as you hear it, especially Victors distinctive vocals and tracks on this album like Soul Sickness and Without Words sound as good as anything the band have ever done.
X- No Absolutes is the latest great album in an incredibly strong back catalogue from a band like Prong, who are rightly justified as a classic metal band now and long may it continue.

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