Review: Psychosomatic Cowboys “From Here To Hell”

Review: Psychosomatic Cowboys “From Here To Hell”

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Psychosomatic Cowboys “From Here To Hell”
Wild Kingdom records

I didn’t get a biog with this album, so I couldn’t tell you if it’s album number one of album number five… mainly as their Facebook page doesn’t reveal much either… although a trawl of You Tube would hint that they’re a seasoned band.

And that plays out with what I’m hearing… These Swedes have a very sophisticated/mature sound as they blend Hard Rock with a slight Southern/Country edge.

The main problem I have, is where to exactly place them.

The Southern influences really aren’t as strong as I’d want… I love a bit of Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet, but this is more like a less dramatic Bon Jovi (Wanted Dead or Alive) meets Outlaw Country. But it doesn’t have the rebel edge of someone like Whiskey Myers…

And when the penny finally dropped, I opted for them sounding like Tom Petty, with a rockier edge… which is still ok in my book.

Right now, I’m playing Long Gone and the guitar work is sublime, a real rocking Country feel to it, but everything else is so slick and well, nice. Which goes back to my comment about them not having a rebel edge… and that really is the only downside to this album.

Stick this album next to a stack of the Arena Rock bands from the 80s and From Here To Hell can definitely stand its ground. But I want raw excitement, not supper slick tunes which have been perfected to the nth degree.

Yet I can flip that on its head, as I really can’t criticise the music they’ve created… just the feel.
The big exception is the title track, which is exactly what I want to hear and for me, is the perfect setting for Psychosomatic Cowboys.

So before they make their next album, they need to put The Outlaws and Green Grass and High Tides on repeat for a week… because that’s the fire in their (collective) bellies that they’re missing

I wanted something whiskey soaked, but this is bathed in glögg

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