Review: Psython “Hatred”

Review: Psython “Hatred”

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Psython “Hatred”

Unfortunately for Psython, they are probably around a couple of decades too late. In a time that smaller record labels are mainly pointless, as you can hire a PR firm or do the job yourself, they really have missed out on the clout of a decent record label from, say, the 90s.

I do hate to start with such a negative paragraph, but were Psython around in the 90s, they would be the perfect band for many a label. They play live in any shithole that’ll have them. They are one of the best bands using social media as they not only promote themselves, but they graciously support the idiots like myself that champion them.

They’re basically a very hard-working band in an era that’ll never really appreciate them.

They’re no slouches musically either.

Hatred is their second album and they are so pumped up they sound like they are running around the stage with a bunch of fireworks up their arses… especially larger that life frontman, Bing… who must go through so many mirrors as he must be one of the biggest show-offs in Metal right now… and I’m sure his ego will swell with such a new accolade… I’m joking, sort of… but he ain’t short of confidence, that’s for sure.

The core of their sound, is sort of Thrashy, but they mix up a few different styles, so they almost have their own Psound – not a typo, just a play on their band name.

Opening number Jörmungandr is an absolute stormer and they let rip like there’s no tomorrow and if anything, it may be just a little over the top as the adrenaline is pumping though at a rate of knots. The only respite is a widdly guitar solo which reeks of Eddie Van Halen back in the early 80s.

And that’s what you get with this album… a massive sugar/adrenaline rush with the occasional diversion to break the sound up (like a funky bass solo)… but mainly, everything is set to 11 and they make Spinal Tap look like shrinking violets.

And I like the fact that it is a bit too in your face. They steal your personal space and if you don’t like it… tough fucking shit.

Music should be about escapism and Psython have a massive feelgood factor that makes you forget about paying the bills and whatever crap fills your head. During its 42 minute duration, it demands your attention and real life can take a backseat whilst these crazy Yorkshiremen pulverize your senses.

Finally: As their frontman will probably get all of the attention, a special mention must go to guitarist Will for the excellent production on the album… which proves that studying music production can actually be put to good use.

Go give these guys some love, they deserve it

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