Review: Pteroglyph “Death Of A Prince”

Review: Pteroglyph “Death Of A Prince”

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Pteroglyph “Death Of A Prince”

With an incredible amount of technical precision, a progressive metal oriented sound and an overall heavy sound, Pteroglyph present “Death of A Prince”. This new record by these progressive metal gurus leaves you with nine total songs of heavy, stomping and head nodding tunes for your enjoyment. What is nice-among many other things-is that Pteroglyph isn’t the type of band that grounds and pounds for minutes on end. Instead the man behind this act provides you with plenty of variation within each song. Each of the nine songs on this release switch between the heavy bone crushing style of metal to the softer more melodious style of metal and back again. One minute you will be headbanging along until your brain turns to mush, and the next you are greeted with a softer less bone shaking sound.

Through frenzied riffs, acrobatic drumming and vocals that transition between monstrous roars and well sung cleans, Pteroglyph provides you with a unique, interesting and varied listen that warrants more than just a single listen. There is a lot that goes on within this record and yet the man behind this metal mutant brings everything together to create a cohesive and well rounded sound. Every song on this record is well crafted and executed and each song plays well together instead of it sounding as though each song was just mashed on to the record just because they could be.

“Death of A Prince” is a dizzying and mind boggling listen as the tempos jump all over the place and back again and plenty of elements were injected into each song to create a whirlwind of a sound. However, with that being said, this record isn’t dizzying in the sense that every song is frantic and well out of place. This record is dizzying because you really don’t know what you are about to get next and your head doesn’t know when to stop head banging and listen to the softer more melodious parts of the songs. This is a solid release with nine solid songs that are highly memorable and are high in replay value.

Overall, “Death of A Prince” is a solid record that provides you with plenty of content and plenty of variety. Each song is heavy, melodic, technical and certainly head bang worthy.

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