Review: Puteraeon “The Cthulhian Pulse: Call From The Dead City” [Emanzipation Productions]

Review: Puteraeon “The Cthulhian Pulse: Call From The Dead City” [Emanzipation Productions]

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By the end of November the Swedish death metal followers Puteraeon have released their fourth full-length album “The Cthulhian Pulse: Call from the Dead City” through the Danish record label Emanzipation Productions. They have remained true to the traditional death metal with a Nordic melancholic spirit and tuneful melodies.

Puteraeon frightens the Swedish extreme scene with horror and mythological stories for 12 years, and new album continues the Cthulhian motives, which they’ve touched upon earlier. They have never tried to evolve their musical style; this kind of death metal hails the big Swedish names like Grave or Entombed, without adding much original ideas. Of course, like many Northern metal bands, their present very qualitative and mature material with a tinge of depressive darkness, so typical to Scandinavian scene. And despite the fact, that it is not melodic death metal release, melodic lines play crucial role here. All is soaked in this harmonic pertinence, but without spoiling the rough brutality of aggressive death metal.

The foundation of “The Cthulhian Pulse: Call from the Dead City” is based on death/thrash metal, delicious speedy passages smooth away the roughness, but add some rapid craziness. Everything is schematically correct here in terms of death metal – fast verses, catchy choruses, thrashy rhythm and a bunch of melodic lines. The acoustic passages give the listener some reprieve from the extreme directness, these contemplative and atmospheric pieces also diversify the bluntness of the release. The gloomy piano passages on “The Sleeping Dread” and “Terror at Sea” remind of sedated dark ambient, but occult choir on the last “The End Cometh” creates a ritualistic aura with chaotic choruses and disturbing guitar riffs. “Call of R’lyeh” astonishes with some folkish motives, but “Permeation” stands out with oriental elements. And with low and articulated half-growls of their singer Jonas Lindblood this death metal experience takes the real shape, true and strong musical journey.

This music is very realistic and well-grounded, as well as their cover art with beautiful and detailed horror-inspired scenes. Puteraeon holds on confidently on the death metal scene, continuing the classical ideas of extreme pioneers of Scandinavia, but in a more pensive and melodic way, but still within the limits of death metal.

Release date: November 13, 2020

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