Review: Pyrrhic “Vile Slumber”

Review: Pyrrhic “Vile Slumber”

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Young but perspective band from Kristiansand Pyrrhic has released their debut EP “Vile Slumber”. But not everyone in the band is unexperienced newbie, on the contrary, they have a colossal stage experience, but some of them have played with bands like Blood Red Throne or Guardians of Time. And now, under the name Pyrrhic these Norwegians have issued truly intense and tough material.

It’s not so easy to describe “Vile Slumber” in two words, there can be found rough death metal, penetrating black metal, virtuosic progressive rock, fervent rock’n’roll and even sublime classical elements. Despite such rich stylistic mixture, the music doesn’t sound sporadic, fluctuating from one genre to another, everything is skillfully and harmoniously united into unique extreme metal. The musicians not only elaborated their original sound, they also play the music with an emotional sincerity and drive, making the songs perfect for live concerts.

The album starts playfully and aggressively, the songs “Deafening the Light” and “God Devourer” are so fast, that despite the traditional metal song length of 4-5 minutes, they have so many mood changes, that it seems like they last twice as long. “Rotting Lambs” and “Their Dilapidated Hands” are not so rapid and lively, but every time there are blast beats engaged, the tempo speeds up. Despite the dark aggression, mostly the songs sound positively with major vibes, and no small measure is contributed to rock ’n’ roll spirit (“Deafening the Light”) and heavy metal influence (“Vile Slumber”). The singer Emil Wynn uses his voice with passion, mostly it is screaming, precise and piercing, but there is some space for growling too. The guest singer Øyvind Hægeland (known for the bands Scariot and Spiral Architect) adorned with his shrill high-pitched clean voice the song “God Devourer”. Virtuosic guitar riffs, sometimes anxious, sometimes playful, as well as masterfully performed speedy solos are responsible for the profound diversity, giving the honor to progressive rock and classical music. There’s very clearly expressed rhythm section (especially on song “God Devourer”), and thanks to clean and lucid sound, every musical instrument is indeed audible. From time to time the sound deliberately acquires the southern and dirty vibes, but that doesn’t make it messy or chaotic. Melodic and catchy material sometimes gives way to gloomy and pensive passages for reprieve, but since everything happens on this album too fast, soon the listener is engulfed again in assertive and high-speed extreme metal, but with a positive atmosphere. And the album ends slowly and tearfully with groans, painstakingly draining off all the emotions.

During the quarantine, the musicians had plenty of time for composing and recording their own music, but nowadays the scene is overloaded with thousands of bands, so it’s not so easy to release the material and be recognized immediately, especially in case of Pyrrhic, because they released this EP without help of a musical label. But they made a wonderful start – original, powerful and ardent, so let’s be patient and will wait for their full-length album and live concerts.

Release date: September 7th 2020

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