Review: RAGE “The Devil Strikes Again” (by Droll)

Review: RAGE “The Devil Strikes Again” (by Droll)

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Rage - The Devil Strikes Again - Artwork

Rage “The Devil Strikes Again”
Nuclear Blast records

2015 was, let’s call it gently, hard enough for Rage. Difficult decision to stop the cooperation with Victor Smolski and Andre Hilgers could turn to a great knock-out, after which there would be quite consistent for a band to cease its existence. Nevertheless, Peter Wagner didn’t gave up. He makes a new line-up with guitarist Marcos Rodriguez and drummer Vassilios Maniatopoulos, and continue to perform and create. So, here is Rage‘s 22nd studio album The Devil Strikes Again.

We can only image the effort it worth. But the facts remains: the band releasing singles, shooting videos and scheduling many concerts. All of this worthy of respect. But let’s get back to an album.

The Devil Strikes Again already got many affirmative reviews from critics deservedly. Opening, title song “The Devil Strikes Again” from the first seconds let the listeners know what will become: hurricane guitar riffs, melodic choruses, recognizable grungy vocals and perfect drummer’s work. For ten songs there will be metal. Raw, heavy and technical. With great Marcos’ solos.    

This magnificence, punctuated with short acoustic guitar passages in “My Way” (that sounds yet like march or, rather, anthem) and hard social lyrics (“War”) lasts till the very last song – tenth track “The Dark Side Of The Sun”, where some oriental motives can be heard. Honestly, it was hard for me to imagine Peavy’s voice in vocal line like that, but he made it perfect. Also, Marcos’ solo guitar need to be mentioned. Explosive mix of metal and some oriental music.

Also it need to be said about the quality. Nevertheless, from the band like Rage expected some quality in music and recording. It’s ok with it: the album was recorded at two studious. Mixing and Mastering made by Dan Swanö, known by his collaboration with Opeth, Marduk and many others.

The Devil Strikes Again is not «next» band’s album, but an excellent prove that Rage are still alive and full of power. Also Peter haven’t lost his composer’s talent. Well, it seems to be a new chapter in band’s history. And it seems to be as interesting, as previous.

The Devil Strikes Again will be released on Juny, 10 by Nuclear Blast records.

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