Review: Rebel Collective “Rebelism” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Rebel Collective “Rebelism” [Sliptrick Records]

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“Drinking… that’s a great human tradition”, said Mr. Cody in the movie “Interstate 60” and he was damn right. But nowadays globalization prevails, so you can booze in style, like Swedish guys from Rebel Collective, for example. Also, at intermission between beer and whiskey those rednecks from Gävle play music and even recorded the new album called Rebelism.

All right, all joking aside: Rebel Collective are: Hasse (vocals), Genz (guitar), Een (bass) and Otto (drums). Rebelism is the band’s third album, where the band continue to play their Southern Metal adding some Groove or even Rock’n’roll.

An album contains 12 quite diverse songs (as far as it possible within this genre). Here you can hear some pure Groove Metal (“Switchblade”, “Valentine”, “In Orbit”), Southern (“Gasoline”, “The World Is Mine”) and even some notes of Rock’n’roll (“T-Rex”, “Romantic Related Collapse”).

The sound is blatantly dirty, vocals are harshy and rhythm section is smooth, without any special delights. Sometimes harmonica can be heard (“Crusader”), Genz even played some solos a couple of times (like “Travelling Man”, for example). So, in the overall, it’s all “in style” and probably for a style, not contrariwise.

But the main lack of the album is that something is missing. Like you have groovy riffs here, heaviness, diverse, but it still sounds a little bit trivial, like hundreds of other bands that play this music. Hell, if I know… Maybe it’s crisis of a genre. Or, maybe, Swedish rednecks are not enough rednecks? Anyway, it’s all good while you listen to the album. But when you turn it off, you forget about it pretty quickly.

Rebelism was released on May, seventh via Sliptrick Records.

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