Review: Rostorchester “Geister : Särge : Leichen : Berge” [BergStolz]

Review: Rostorchester “Geister : Särge : Leichen : Berge” [BergStolz]

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Initially, I was hoping to start my Rostorchester reviews by reviewing their first album Verschrobenheit. Needless to say that with the release of their box set entitled ‘Geister : Särge : Leichen : Berge’ that was released yesterday, that review will just have to wait. Now, the band Rostorchester is fairly new to me, as only I had just started listening to them earlier this year. However, I have been a huge fan of Totale Vernichtung for maybe a good couple of years now; but only just recently as of late last year, was I able to find all of that band’s albums to listen to. Shortly thereafter, I found out that Antimessiah was in 3 other bands; Rostorchester being one of them. And, oh… when I listened to their first album, through to their fourth album; I honestly fell in love so hard with their excessively, and very passionate music!

Four tracks make up this epically powerful release…
… beginning with the “Intro”, as it is appropriately titled. Now while it’s not listed as such on their Bandcamp page, I know damn well that’s Antimessiah on keys. He has a very unique, and unmistakable sound. He harbors such a distinctive style, that you know it’s him. Now, initially with this track, I am taken back in retrospect to the ‘intro’ of their first album; that same type of atmosphere is what I am talking about here. This track, hones in massively powerful on the prominent, endarkened aura of the background (heavy rain and thunder)… this just blends in so well with Antimessiah‘s style of intricate mastery of the keyboard. He honestly holds such a gifted talent, for such perfected art. This track, with such enriching atmosphere, easily leads into…

“Was ein Geistersarg verbarg”, which is the second track on the album. With intense, fiery speed, Antimessiah‘s tornado-like speed riffing brings forth a very lively melody that leads into Gonzo Goatpestilence‘s captivating drumming style, which in turn leads into an intensified growl by vocalist Zwingherr Greif. Such a heightened melody, those riffs; Goddamn! Antimessiah‘s style, such pure perfection. The insane power that Zwingherr possesses with his vocals… this man is easily becoming one of my favorite singers, period. Such intensified command; I love it. The intensity of the riffs are so sharp and aggressive; as well as being so vastly catchy as hell. Zwingherr‘s black metal vocals are so impassioned, that it feels almost forced. All throughout, his voice captivates so exceptionally. The drums get so frantic in pace… it’s almost maddening, just how so! “Was ein Geistersarg verbarg” is so insane addictive, I just can’t help but to repeat it a massive amount of times before “Klingen” hits.

“Klingen” is the third track, and this is a re-release (re-recorded edition of 2018) which was originally released in 2011 on the “Verschrobenheit” album. This track as well, is just as catchy! The tone set forth on this one however, is much more grueling in sound; as well as harboring a much more darker-toned spirit. Every aspect just grinds so much harder on this one. Excessively so. Antimessiah‘s riffs are a bit more grinding; however still maintaining immense, crisp atmosphere all around. Gonzo adds his own level of intensity to the mix… very rapid, steady beats mostly throughout. But more so towards the end, an intense, abrupt power is felt. Zwingherr‘s vocals are just as escalated. I can truly feel so much force and conviction in it. In a couple of instances, three guest vocalists (Kommandant Apokalyptron, in the band Todeszone; Herr T. in Tarihan; as well as this guy who goes by the name of “F.”)… well, I must say, that these guys make “Klingen” feel as if it is fucking possessed! Really. I’m not fucking kidding. The insanity of this, heightens this song so eminently! The levels of everything combined that make up this track… Goddamn, shoots straight through the fucking roof! I am one-hundred percent serious on this. Fuck. This one gets just as many repeats as “Was ein Geistersarg verbarg”!

The “Outro”, well… it’s very reminiscent of the beginning of the album. Honestly, I wish these magnificent pieces were just maybe a bit longer, as they sure are so beautiful to listen to. Antimessiah really is something else with this kind of thing. So mesmerizing, he really knows how to captivate your soul.

Geister : Särge : Leichen : Berge… this album, even as short in length as it is, clocking in just shy of 10 minutes is one hell of an epic listen from beginning to end! And after that first listen all the way through, uninterrupted, you feel drawn to listen to it repetitively for a time. This album, without question, is just that addictive. I highly suggest grabbing that very beautiful box set. I will tell you this, I have re-found my love for vinyl, with this album solidifying that desire once lost. Geister : Särge : Leichen : Berge is so epic, it’s already a high contender of ‘Album of the Year’, already garnering that ‘Number 1’ spot, as of this writing. This album is just honestly that good.

Release date: June 14th, 2021

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