Review: Rotted Through “/the_Depths”

Review: Rotted Through “/the_Depths”

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On September 10th American band Rotted Through from Connecticut state has released its first ever record – full-length album /The_Depths. This is a digital record, released independently, and it is focused on a violent universe of technical death/deathcore.

Rotted Through is a young band, not well known even in death metal circles, but it’s clear that they have implemented in their debut album their best, but maybe that’s not enough for spoiled and bitchy deathcore scene. And the main problem lies with the sound, it isn’t too raw or dirty, but still it sounds too muffled and piercing at the same time, not adequately displaying every instrument, so this messiness doesn’t allow to fully enjoy this music. And because of this /The_Depths lacks coherence and holistic perception, especially during the repetitive moments.

This album is weirdly enough divided into two parts, not too evidently, but still, death metal parts and deathcore parts through one composition sometimes sound like absolutely different songs. When it’s death metal, it’s traditional, slow and riddled with technical kinks. But deathcore is more atmospheric (sometimes even with symphonic background), ragged and dissonant. It’s not like the songs on this album are absolutely disconnected in structural patterns, but this disharmony leads to a more experimental approach and unexpected moves. So, in this case that’s not a disadvantage at all.

The tempo bounces between very slow death and speedy thrash rhythms in favor of steady mid-pace. No big surprises here, but also /The_Depths isn’t static wall of repetitive sounds, it is alive with angry emotions and horror stories. Chaotic riffs and technical guitar solos are on the front line, shaping the heart of the album, and on this solid base are added all the other functions – very low bass lines, hammering drums and expressive extreme vocals (the singer uses various techniques). The last song “That Which is Abysmal” offers some kind of death n’ roll spirit, but “/red/room” is traveling to a thrash realm, also providing with a kind of reprieve in a form of acoustic passages. Melodic lines from time to time pop up breaking the disharmonious chords, a little bit softening the remorseless wave of brutality. These flirtations with melodies don’t ruin the spirit of deathcore, so, in a way this album conveys sense of harmonic disharmony.

Release date: September 10th, 2021

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