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Running Wild_Rapid Foray_1500x1500pxRUNNING WILD “RAPID FORAY”
August 26th, 2016

Metal Pirates are back!

Rolf Kasparek, better known as Rolf “Rock’n’Rolf” Kasparek, mastermind of Running Wild, delayed work on the new material due health reasons. After his broken shoulder has been healed, Rolf started to write another Pirate saga.

From the period I have heard Running Wild from the first time, and it was “The Rivalry” album (GUN, 1998) a lot of water passed through metal sea. What attracted me to their music? Powerful melodies, energy, big choruses, but a lot more their costumes and main lyrics theme: piracy.

I will not list Running Wild albums here, I will just focus on recent band history.

In 2009, Rolf Kasparek announced that the band is splitting up. Luckilly, band continued to work in 2011. Result was “Resilient” album released in 2013 (Steamhammer Records).  Critics were… Good and bad.

Five years later, I have “Rapid Foray” in my hands and I have to say: damn good album! It brings a lot of variety. I am listening it continuesly since I got it and I can not stop. I agree that tastes are different  (De gustibus non disputandum est), but this album truly is one of the best in Running Wild career.

11 songs, more complex approach in creating both: music and lyrics, memorable choruses, power, glory, energy, unique voice… It has it all!

“Black Skies, Red Flag” perfect introduction for new album. This is something what you would always recognize as Running Wild even if you are not their fan. Dynamic “Warmongers” follows “Black Skies, Red Flag” perfectly and leads us to a little bit slower, I might dare to write boring (just for my taste) “Stick To Your Guns”.

Title track “Rapid Foray” is true attack of old pirates. Recognizable sound, well known harsh voice, euphonious chorus… It makes you well known butterfly feelings…

RunningWild-1 haulix“By The Blood In Your Heart” is one of my favorites. With my vivid imagination, first part of the song leads me in some old German tavern where Running Wild cheers with their fans around the barrel. Than, bagpipe moves me to Ireland at some old, dirty pub where pirates are drinking and singing their anthems. Leave my imagination behind, this is truly fantastic song!

“The Depth Of The Sea-Nautilus”, amazing instrumental which brings me somewhere on deep dark sea, offers freedom. Great to listen while riding bicycle, since I do not have a boat.

“Black Bart” storming, anthemic, classic Running Wild song.

“Hellestrified”, “Blood Moon Rising” and “Into The West” are classic Running Wild pearls, melodic with catchy choruses you simply have to sing along with the band.

 “Last Of The Mohicans” is the final and most epic track on the album. The song is based on the James Fenimore Cooper historic novel from 1826. A number of films have been based on this book, it was adapted for radio, TV, in 1977 Lake George Opera presented an opera version, even comics were published and now it is immortalized in Running Wild song.

When it comes to the last song, I simply have a feeling that previous 10 songs were just introduction to this masterpiece. Based on narrative intro and opening riffs, you could bet this is ballad. But, at 1:25 you will loose that bet.

Lately, many bands practice lyrics videos as official promotion, so the Running Wild followed the trend. An official announcement of new album is lyrics video for “Black Bart”.

After 6 years captain Kasparek and his ship crew (Peter Jordan, Ole Hempelmann and Michael Wolpers) are sailing again!

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