Review: Rvbber VVitch “Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII” [Werewolf Records]

Review: Rvbber VVitch “Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII” [Werewolf Records]

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In the summer of 2019, the Canadian mysterious one-man band (actually female) Rvbber VVitch has released independently their first record “Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII”. But in the beginning of 2021 the Finnish black metal label Werewolf Records has decided to re-release it as CD and through bandcamp, ’cause they were literally overwhelmed by this kind of tension in music, which deserved significantly more attention from the extreme audience.

Rvbber VVitch isn’t just making music, the visual aesthetics aren’t less important for this unique dark fetish project, obsessed with BDSM concept. The music echoes to this perfect reflection of stylistic image – dark, noisy, aggressive, harsh, and minimalistic. And in some way, it is a selfish project, concentrated on visions of one and only mastermind (also named Rubber Witch). Dark erotic fantasies, brutal and cruel themes dipped in French language, mysterious atmosphere through the dirty and ominous anthems of perversion, yes, that is all Rvvber VVitch.

Generally, this music fits to black metal with an audible touch of noisy industrial, which is not based on synth electronic foundation, it is rather noisy drone within realm of industrial soundscapes. There’s a bit of sludge influence and thrash metal hints in the song “Gloire Maufait!”, but still it perfectly suited to moody black metal atmosphere. Creepy ambient and psychedelic echoes accompany some of the songs (i. e. “Sous l’Oeil du Maître Infernal” or “Adoration de Satan”), as well as horror-inspired sounds. “Marquise du Sombre” is the softest track on this record, bordering with classic industrial rock, until it transforms again into black metal frenzy.

The loud guitars are primitive here and overdriven, as well as very low and articulated bass lines, and with a rapid drilling drum machine it really kills off the listener under these buzzy industrial noises. The tempo on “Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII” varies, but mostly is fast or medium, and because the songs are very long (up to ten minutes), the mood changes are also common here, but not too drastic or unexpected. The vocals are heavily distorted and low, and the singing lines are absolutely non-melodic, but emotional background in these crazy shrieks are really formidable.

“Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII” is really exceptional wall of sounds, merciless and massive, but in the meantime the music of Rvbber VVitch is monotonous and raw in the most primitive sense. And with the BDSM aesthetics and black metal filth this record penetrates into the deepest fears and the darkest desires of the listeners.

Release date: January 15th, 2021

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