Review: Scaffold “Years Of Decadence”

Review: Scaffold “Years Of Decadence”

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Scaffold “Years Of Decadence”
May 26th, 2017
Taurunum Records

Scaffold is the oldest Serbian death metal band. Despite numerous line-up changes, band remained active over than 25 years.

Band was formed in the City of Zemun, 1992. The first demo was released in 1993 and included two songs: The Truth Is Burried and Memories From The Past. Debut album The Other Side Of Reality (1994) included 11 songs, among those Die Agression Wird Introjiziert which is ressurected in the year of 2017. The Other Side Of Reality, live album, was released in 2015.

2015 was the most productive for Serbian death metal legends, so they released EP Like Devil In The Church, another live album At Dinner With Cannibals and 2ed full lenght Like Devil In The Church Extended (Taurunum Records). Split Scaffold/Karakondžula (Grim Reaper Records) was released in 2016 and here we are, talking about their last release from May 2017.

Single Years Of Decadence supposed to be an anouncement for upcoming 3ed album Codex Gigas. Right after it was released, the band was dissolved. After a long search, finally the band rised from the ashes. Besides Dujke (Ivica Dujić-vocals, guitars), the only founding member, Scaffold are: Aleksa Đurđević (bass), Domagoj Domazet (guitars), Dimitrije Vasić (drumms) and Ivan Kostić (guitars).

Years Of Decadence includes two tracks: Years Of Decadence and Die Agression Wird Introjiziert, both followed by high quality videos.

There is nothing much to say about Scaffold style. Simply, they play old school death metal. Their slower parts are made for headbanging. Key parts in Die Agression… are placed just perfectly and with measure. Production is good, clear enough.

Two guest appearances brought this single to higher level. Srđan Branković (Alogia, Psychoparadox, Numenor…) was incharged for solo guitars in Years Of Decadence and Srđan Todorović (Sacramental Blood) for solo guitars in Die Agression Wird Introijziert.

Album was recorded at Studio Paradox (April 2017), produced by Srđan Branković which, in Serbia, is a key to sucess.

Releasing maxi single with rich English written booklet, lyrics, photos, biography, contibutions might be crazy, but if we rememeber Scaffold is celebrating 25 years, than it´s reasonable.

Dujke left his heart and soul in the band. Over the years he had selfless support from his family and friends, musicians and coworkers, fans and journalists.

If you like Pestilence, pay attention!


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