Review: SCOUR “Scour”

Review: SCOUR “Scour”

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Phil Anselmo has always kept himself busy with numerous side projects and even when Pantera were at their peak, he always kept himself occupied, both with bigger projects like Down and Superjoint Ritual and at the same time, much more underground bands like Christ Inversion, Viking Crown and Eibon.

With Down now his main concern and a revitalised Superjoint album in the works, it is hard to see when Anselmo sleeps as he has founded another stellar underground band in the form of Scour and The Grey EP is their fearsome first release.

Scour features Anselmo alongside a pedigree of musicians from some of extreme musics finest, John Jarvis from Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Cattle Decapitations Derek Engemann, former Animosity and Decrepit Birth man Chase Fraser and Jesse Schobel from Cast The Stone and Strong Intention.

This lineup work well with Anselmo and The Grey EP is a blunt statement of intent from the first aggressive note to the last. Scours sound is heavily influenced by black metal but retains Anselmos powerful, low vocals instead of the typical black metal screams (although one or two do pop up here and there). Opening track Dispatched starts off with an effective growl and a relentless black metal rhythm, the guitars decimating everything in their path for the songs entire running time. The brutality doesn’t let up throughout the EP with following tracks, the manic and at times slower paced but just as intense Clot, the furious Crooked and the pure black metal and frostbitten Codes being intensely run through and hardly giving you any time to catch your breath such is the intensity that blast through the speakers. A break in the aural battery comes in the form of the menacing Tactics, a foreboding and atmospheric interlude worthy of any classic horror film that cranks up the tension and it is this tension when it subsides that allows final track Tear Gas to explode and ends the EP on a brilliant high.

With Scour, Anselmo sounds reinvigorated and more angry than ever and the rest of the band put in stunning performances too. Hopefully a full length album from Scour will follow soon and a follow up tour from the band would be a formidable prospect with the effect the relentless songs have here.


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