Review: Seventh Xul “Qliphothic Rites of Death” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Seventh Xul “Qliphothic Rites of Death” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Seventh Xul “Qliphothic Rites of Death”
Iron Bonehead productions

Greece is very beautiful country with extremely many monuments and rich history. It also had always very good Metal scene. The same takes its capital Athens. One of examples is SEVENRTH XUL. Well, maybe better to say: was. This band existed only one year between 2009 and 2010. At least I didn’t find any information that these two Greeks hidden under pseudonyms – N.E.C.R.O and Acerontas decided to reactivate the band. Anyway, stuff about which I’ll write few words now is the only one in their discography. It was out in 2010.

So I feel quite strange writing review of old stuff released by band which doesn’t exist 6 years. But I got this stuff for reviewing it, so…  “Qliphothic Rites of Death” has format which even in 2010 wasn’t so popular. Well, between real maniacs and collectors it was always popular and very welcome – now is even much more than only welcome). Namely it’s 7”EP – and real 7”of vinyl with hole inside. So mp3 or other technological miracles will be totally useful here. It’ll come to handy old good and anachronistic for many people record player. It’ll not be many listening here coz we have only two songs on this 7”. But how songs… ehehehehehehe… The fact is that it’s normal and maybe for someone also pedestrian Black/Death Metal in low or at most middle tempos with rare “pick-ups”. Maybe it’s even the truth; maybe riffs are easy; maybe drum machine plays also in rather easy way; maybe vocal is typical for this kind of music… But all this fold up in very interesting unity! Every song is preceded by dark intro which drives us to right mood.

Maybe I’m abnormal, but during listening of this stuff I feel that hellish tar just overflow from loudspeakers directly on my flesh. I’ll tell you more: I’m happy that it happens and want to get more and more. That’s why I listen to it roundly!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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