Review: SINNER “Tequila Suicide”

Review: SINNER “Tequila Suicide”

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SINNER “Tequila Suicide”
March 31st, 2017
AFM Records

Mat Sinner has been busy over the years. Always at high level.

List of his credits is long, so I will mention some. Besides working with his main bands Sinner and Primal Fear, since 2008 he is active in Voodo Circle. He also worked as record producer for legendary Michael Kiske and diva Amanda Somerville on debut album “Kiske/Somerville”, (2010, Frontier Records), his PF bandmate Ralf Scheepers (“Sheepers”, 2011, Frontiers Records). And, I can’t forget Rock Meets Classic project.

Back to Sinner

Tequila Suicide includes 10 songs:
Go Down Fighting
Tequila Suicide
Road to Hell
Battle Hill
Sinner Blues
Gipsy Rebels
Dying on a Broken Heart

Album is produced by Mat himself and co-produced, mixed and engineered by Dennis Ward.

First two songs are flirting with punk, which I always liked about Sinner. “Go Down Fighting” goes in Andrew W. K. direction, while “Tequila Suicide”, title track, tends to Misfits style. Listening “Road to Hell” you migt have impression you are listening Phil Lynott. Don’t be fooled by song title “Dragons”. We are not talking here about legendary mythical creatures that spit fire. It is about us, woman, real creatures, sometimes scarier than the most scariest creatures of mankind. Dear ladies, admit you or not, in each of us lies a dragon, so take this song open minded.

“Battle Hill” is just an anthem, I will say no more.

Touch of surprise (or not) is “Sinner Blues”.

“Gipsy Rebels” and “Loud&Clear” are very melodic songs and what is the best way to close another chepter of rich career than ballad (“Dying on a Broken Heart”)?

Mat Sinner (vocal, bass), Tom Naumann (guitar) , Alexander Scholpp (guitar) and Francesco Jovino (drums) gave us the album we will not easy forget.

This album is very fresh, easy going, natural, typical Sinner.

With guests such as Sascha Krebs, Kolinda Brozovic, Ricky Warwick, Pete Lincoln, Neil Witchard, Magnus Karlsson and Gus G. our tequila party promisses a lot.


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