Review: SLAGMAUR “Thill Smitts Terror”

Review: SLAGMAUR “Thill Smitts Terror”

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SLAGMAUR “Thill Smitts Terror”
Osmose Productions

In a black metal scene where it is awash of bands that sound similar it is always nice to hear a black metal band doing something just a little different to keep the sound fresh and one of those bands is Slagmaur. Slagmaur have a different and unique approach to black metal and to their overall sound that generally sounds like the stuff of nightmares at certain points. “Thill Smitts Terror” is creepy, aggressive, atmospheric, heavy and more and the more that you listen the more that you get lost in all of its dark allure.

Starting the record off with a fifty second foreboding intro, Slagmaur sets a dark and twisting tone for the rest of the record and the rest of the record does follow suit. After the intro has concluded you are treated to seven more twisting and sinister songs that tend to stick with you and follow you around like a poisonous cloud. The atmosphere that “Thill Smitts Terror” emits is haunting and soul damning and before you know it you are wrapped up in it taking a ride down to the deepest reaches of darkness. Each song is filled with this abysmal atmosphere and even though it is striking it still is captivating and it keeps drawing you in for more listens.

Instead of playing at a blistering pace constantly Slagmaur lurches on in a slower crawl which furthers your descent into the ever growing darkness. And while each song is played slower than you would expect from a black metal band, each song is pretty substantial in length as well which gives Slagmaur more time to push you deeper into an abyss. Slagmaur does switch their tempo up from time to time but for the majority of the record you get a slow crawl towards death and not only that but I find that this pace captivates you even more and keeps you listening for longer as well.

Each of the six songs that are sandwiched between the intro and the outro are twisted, horrifying and completely entertaining to listen to. And when you get to the end of the record you find that Slagmaur ties everything together with another haunting and foreboding orchestral sound and if you press play again you end up getting more of the same which is great. You get a cohesive and comprehensive listen with “Thill Smitts Terror” that drags you down to the depths and keeps you there until the final note has been played, and after that you find yourself reaching for the play button again.

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