Review: Slavocracy “Slavocracy” [On Parole]

Review: Slavocracy “Slavocracy” [On Parole]

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From Slovenia, two things immediately come to my mind, the winner of the last “Tour de France” Tadej Pogacar, as well as the industrial metal band Laibach. Formerly incorporated in the former Yugoslavian republic ruled by Tito, this small country of two million souls broke away from it, before the civil war tore the different ethnic groups that made it up!

It is also the homeland of the band Slavocracy which, after many years of silence, delivers us this opus entitled quite simply Slavocracy. Hailed in Nova Gorica and formed in 2010, the line up is made with musicians who have scoured the local stages. However, perhaps too early was their appearance in a traditional or frozen musical landscape which thereafter, was to orient itself slowly towards modernity.

With Slavocracy, nothing new under the sun, an album of good quality but without innovation. However I recognize that the delivered product is solid, compact! Nevertheless, if like the tank the thick armor is effective, the motorization and all the aiming equipment is rudimentary, the on-board electronics being absent. This is of course an image but quite revealing of the final product in terms of originality and attractiveness.

I will not argue on the title of the album, which seems to be given to us as a referenced brand. Lack of originality or affirmation of a concept?

It must be recognized that it is difficult to innovate in styles that have been around for at least two or even three decades. I did not have that little thrill that allows me to announce a musical revelation. However, we know where we are going, it is direct, no frills, there is not much to complain about the quality of the sound, the performance of the musicians. Now you have to admit that you have to be completely addicted to this style to invest in this album that will fill your favorite discography.

There is not really a flagship song on this album, unfortunately they do not print in the mind.

Let us let them digest this return after so many years of silence and give them an appointment in the future for a new album which will return either directly to the sources of this style, or will innovate by adding a touch of originality. This LP should serve as a basis for the future, it clearly leaves us unsatisfied, we expected more from a band who had time to refine their compositions. Case to follow.

Release date: March 5, 2021

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