Review: Sleep In Heads “On The Air”

Review: Sleep In Heads “On The Air”

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Progressive Metal with its complex songs’ structures, irregular patterns, sizes and other features became some common pool, where can be almost any music, the main thing is that there should not be “standard”. Often, musicians do any tricks, raising the playing technique upto the skies and mercilessly breaking songs’ rhythmic patterns, sometimes to the detriment of the music itself. At the same time, there are also bands that try to maintain a balance between technique, melody, complex compositional structures and memorability. Young Kyiv-based band Sleep In Heads rather belongs to the second ones.

Their debut album ‘On The Air’ is a pure Progressive Metal, especially if we’ll divide these concept. There are complex and ragged riffs, interesting drums patterns and beautiful violin. This symbiosis creates lots of contrasts, changing moods and greatly interwoven even within one song. With this, “Metal” is not just a word: sometimes drums break away to blast beats, riffs became evil, and this takes the music to Black Metal (“Secret Shelter”) or to the Progressive Thrash – Nevermore territory (“Time Like The Sand”).

Six songs of an album could be great stroll from Progressive Rock (like latest Opeth) to Metal and Djent if not Sonya’s vocals, which sometimes goes out of the music. Too high, sometimes too tender, which stands out too much on the background of metal. Occasionally it seems that in some moments music and vocals are living different lives. But, one more time, vocals aren’t bad, contrary, it’s good, but sometimes it’s not compatible with music. There could be lots of reasons, including my vision of  music also.

To sum up it can be said, that the album is very versatile, musically and by the mood.  He is alive and flowily flowing from tenderness into melancholy, can become violent and become calm in a minute. So as a debut it’s a really good work.

‘On The Air’ was released on March, first via Noizr.

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