Review: Solstice “Casting The Die” [Emanzipation Productions]

Review: Solstice “Casting The Die” [Emanzipation Productions]

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A country: the United States of America, a region: Florida, a style: Thrash (death) Metal, a band: Soltice. Ok, once we have listed all of that, we have said it all or said nothing. The band is not at its first attempt, it is their fourth album in 30 years of existence, two very long periods of absence between 1995 and 2009, date of the release of the previous LP, and another 12 years of waiting for “Casting The Die”. A line up that has evolved, one of the founders of the band joining Cannibal Corpse, others putting their talents within other bands such as Malvolent Creation and two new members in the line-up joining their elders of fifty years.

Let us focus on the album, the production is impeccable, the sound as well as the arrangements are of excellent quality, the musicians are able to go quickly without the slightest false note, we feel a collective established and ready to tear everything apart. The songs are effective, punchy and serve their purpose. On this aspect of things there is nothing to complain about and especially not negative. However, nothing new under the sun, it is like heavy metal and that is maybe the main complaint: the lack of originality!

Nevertheless, the effectiveness is guaranteed, I cannot predict what the impact of the band will be on the music scene. For the moment they have a fan base in the United States, I am not sure that the old Europe can give them a welcome equal to the height of their talent. We also have some very good European thrash bands and the next generation is already here!

While I speak philosophically about the different metal scenes, I forget the essential: the album. As I told you, very efficient, predictable but efficient. But if we ask to a sprint runner to go fast, and if he begins doing something else we are disappointed, then we are not going to ask them to do rap music! So they are excellent ambassadors of their favorite musical style. What they do, they do it very well! So, a good album served by excellent musicians, I think any fan of the style can easily flock to this album, it could figure prominently in any good discography.

So in terms of flagship titles, I think the whole album is worthy of interest, it will not disappoint. The big downside is that it comes at least fifteen years in late, it is a pity because metal has enormously evolved.

Release date: May 7, 2021

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