Review: Starbynary “Divina Commedia Inferno”

Review: Starbynary “Divina Commedia Inferno”

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Starbynary “Divina Commedia Inferno”
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The term”Starbynary” is the concept of astronomy that describes “a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass” it means that this project is a brainchild of two people (Joe – vocals and Leo – guitar). Anyway, it was in 2013 when mentioned musicians and friends in one decided to play together. Then project became a band because after some time Luigi (keyboards) joined and after debut album release (“Dark Passenger” – 2014) Sebastiano (bass) and Andrea (drums).

As place of origin guys list two places: Milan and Trieste. We all know a lot about Milan, its history which roots are in times of Roman Republic (which later became Roman Empire), monuments, two very good football teams and so on and so on. By the way, it was Celts who found the city an Rome only conquered it more or less one hundred years later. But in fact Trieste is also very old city. Well, actually nobody knows when it was found, but etymology of name shows that it was probably found somewhere in 10th – 9th century before Nazarene by people of Veneti.

OK, that’s the end of interdisciplinary lesson. Let’s talk about STARBYNARY and their newest child. We had to wait on this full-length more than two years, but what we’re got here is more than one hour of music. Musicians tell that they play Power Progressive Metal. Well, it’s big simplification in my opinion. Adjective progressive in music meant always that band (mostly) played technically,with a lot of influences, eclectic in some way. Some people would surely say that it’s just strange.And indeed this music is like that. There’s quite a lot of relishes, touches of other genres of music.

Andrea and Sebastiano use their instruments in the same way like in the case of Luigi or Leo. Well, of course it’s not as melodic as guitar’s or keyboards’ lines, but that’s about diversity. Drumming is energetic – mostly as on Metal calm. Sometimes there’re speed-ups, using of cymbals of course. Passages aren’t maybe super-complicated, but in my opinion it’s only better for music. Sebastiano plays as variable as other guys – sometimes his instrument hearable very well and its pulsing gives us a pleasure.

Joe sings of course with clean voice. Its timbre is interesting and he does it well. But in this fact I can’t see anything strange since earlier he did it ten years in another Power Metal band called DERSIAN. I used word ‘another’ especially because STARBYNARY in my opinion plays first of all just this sub-genre of Metal. It’s not typical one, there’re influences of other musical styles (as I mentioned above not only connected with our beloved music) but it’s still Power Metal. I recommend it to open-minded Metalheads who’d like to listen to something else, but still strongly connected with Metal! By the way, I adore their approach to the matter if it’s about playing music. I’m quoting: “The Starbynary’s declared target is only create the music that they love to play, hoping that can can likes too much people as possible!“ That’s the only good reason to create music, I think and they bought me as well with their creativity!

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