Review: Suicide Nation “Hall of Violence” [Australis records]

Review: Suicide Nation “Hall of Violence” [Australis records]

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Ten years into the band’s existence, Suicide Nation has not slowed down one bit. On new offering, Hall of Violence, the Chilean Thrashers fire on all cylinders, throwing down with everything they’ve got. A furiously groovy mix of retro and contemporary mosh fodder, this one will surely get you psyched for the new wave of thrash.

Suicide Nation take more than enough cues from modern metal to keep things fresh and relevant. This is one of those albums that rides the line between thrash and groove. Make no mistake, Hall of Violence exists to make you move. This is a hard, fast, and angry display that is ripe for the pit. If you can sit still during this, I’d double check your pulse.

Vocals on much of the album give off a serious Slayer vibe, but not in such a way as to be derivative. They maintain a wonderful balance of grit and traditional styling to where they can be appreciated by fans across the metal spectrum. Guitars feature that telltale thrash metal crunch with a modern flare that keeps them from sounding dated. Riffs are heavy with a groove that doesn’t quit, and lead parts dance with the sort of acrobatics that seem to have faded from contemporary offerings. Drums pound unmercifully, with a very impressive kick drum technique, and the bass guitar is given plenty of room in the spotlight. It’s a well performed piece all around, and a super tight mix keeps things enjoyable the whole way through.

Standout tracks for me include the bouncing bass leads of Urban Punishment and the three groove laden riffing of Rain of Bullets, but really there is no filler on here. Pick a track and it’s going to be a winner. Keep an eye on these guys for sure.

Release date: July 15th, 2020

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