Review: Svart Crown “Wolves Among the Ashes” [Century Media Records]

Review: Svart Crown “Wolves Among the Ashes” [Century Media Records]

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When it comes to French extreme metal and I really don’t care if it’s black or death metal, I’m an absolute fan of the French scene. Alone in the death metal scene there are such greats as Benighted, Gorija, Massacra (founded in 1986), Kronos and surely Svart Crown.

Svart Crown have the advantage that their creativity isn’t slowed down by any lack of ability. “Wolves Among the Ashes” demonstrates how important it is to find the balance between a total sinister and brutal concept and catchy music to get in the head of every listener. Svart Crown manage to build up a stable foundation of devastation death metal with brutal riffing and tight fast blastbeats, but instead building a house full of melodies on top of that they build a whole city. The choral and clean singing parts are very well-placed surprises. There is not one song on “Wolves Among the Ashes” that bores the listeners.

Svart Crown delivers a great complete but also complex package that makes really fun listening to.

Release date: February 7th, 2020

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