Review: Svarta Sanningar “Kapitel 2”

Review: Svarta Sanningar “Kapitel 2”

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The second EP “Kapitel 2” of Swedish dark/gothic rock band Svarta Sanningar was independently released in late spring. It is a solid sequel of their first record “Kapitel 1” (released three years ago) stylistically and spiritually, continuing the conceptual storyline.

With connections to the band Beseech (Klas Bohlin and Håkan Carlsson are their members) Svarta Sanningar have decided to move on to a softer path of old school gothic rock with high regard to indie pop. Calmness and melancholy wraps this music, but only musically, because lyrically they have created real modern horror play. Swedish lyrics tell the story about mysterious occult sect Svarta Sanningar located on the island Fjära. The members of this order have performed research projects on human beings, causing strange and terrible consequences. So the souls of test subjects were filled with lust of power and infernal blackness, and with their anti-gravity and bend-time abilities they were able to perform the multiple occult functions, like the remission of the sins, for example. The religious leader Ernst Mörck has joined forces with the leader of intelligence’s service Johannes Silfverhjelm, and they have started their own investigation, but all mysterious traces on the island were destroyed, and their raid was absolutely fruitless. That doesn’t sound like an end, so probably the third EP (or even full-length album) will tell more secrets about this mystic order.

But the music itself is very tranquil and mild, confidently flowing among melodic waves and pensive breeze. The sweet gothic atmosphere is responsible for melodic overabundance, but simple synth parts hint on dark pop (“Kemisk Reinkarnation” or “Ett Ockult Hospital”). The romantic sadness unfurls the melancholic sweetness on the last ballad “Den Sista Sprutan” with nostalgic determination. The songs are not fast or merry, they lack dramatic turns, so “Kapitel 2” sounds so leisurely smooth that it can easily pass for bedtime tunes. There’s no space for experiments as well, but this traditional dark/gothic music doesn’t need them. And slightly harsh and deep voice of their singer Klas perfectly falls within the chosen musical genre.

The romantic and dark aura of “Kapitel 2” really dominates on this record, this is not about the technical mastery or experimental moves; this EP of Svarta Sanningar is good in its integrity and harmonious display of atmospheric feelings. And such a bittersweet aftertaste it gives, such a grim satisfaction, yes, Svarta Sanningar are real conquerors of melancholic spirit.

Release date: May 21, 2021

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