Review: Sweet Cheater “Immortal Instant” [Flametrader]

Review: Sweet Cheater “Immortal Instant” [Flametrader]

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By 1986, German power metal was still yet to achieve the solidification of its identity. Before that year, bands were playing in a heavily NWOBHM-inspired vein, and Sweet Cheater was not the exception. These guys should have heard much of Satan, especially considering the dark atmosphere, outrageous riffs, and rhythmic sections featured in this album, which were heavily reminiscent of these Britons. Like if we are talking about a 2G Satan.

The energy displayed in this album is unique within the German power metal scene, being “Immortal Instant Part II,” a perfect example. The drumming throughout the song is very intense during the opening part, and then it progresses into a very insane speed metal number. Things do not stop there. Other tracks like “Gates of Insanity” show a series of astonishing thrashy riffs, which without a doubt, can make the world headbang.

The most impressive song here is “The Curse,” which displays a balance between melody and aggressiveness. It could easily rank among the best progressive metal numbers ever heard and as the best epic number written in the German power metal scene, given the astonishing fashion in which it runs. It starts as a very energetic speed metal song, then, it slows-down into a low-paced number, and after the impressive melodic (Maiden or Judas inspired) guitar solo, it grows with a very powerful speedish ultra fucking fast epic closing.

As time goes by, one can still be questioning why the album did not reach the fame as other releases did. For sure, there are no doubts about whether it did deserve it. It is not easy to find albums with all these characteristics, especially in the guitars department. Should you give this release a try? Really, no. Keep on listening to your sucky Crapsody stuff, and on confusing them with the other glam band. Sweet Cheater is too raw for your ears.

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